SKII Wonderland is an immersive AR retail experience in the heart of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. This work was completed while I was a staff designer at Huge Inc.
Project: SKII Wonderland
Team: Huge Inc. Brooklyn
Client: SKII
Role: Concept development, user flow, spatial layout, 3D modeling, mechanical design, rendering

SKII Wonderland store uses Google’s “AR Core” technology to allow visitors to be fully immersed in the colourful world of artist Karan Singh - who partnered with the brand to release a limited edition bottle design. The goal of our team was to interpret the artist’s bright and dynamic work and transform it into a physical space. 

Our team developed a complex physical language using simple shapes to accentuate the colours in the graphic application. A further layer was added with an AR mobile application which is activated by the AR markers dotted throughout the space. 

Throughout the process the physical design team worked closely with the graphic and visual design team to ensure the design language and the artwork complimented each other well. 

Project + Photo Credit: Huge Inc.
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